1500mmm tent waterproof rating

    Is this enough on a single skinned tent for festival use? Going to kendal calling in 2-3 weeks and need something cheapish. I can pick a 3 man up for £15 in tesco. Want is to be comfortable.

    If it's not enough, would using a waterproofer on it make it better?

    The next one is a Vango for £30 but it's a 2 man which usually arent big enough for 2 people with all their gear.



    Comfortable? A tent is just a shelter, its what you sleep on thats comfortable or not.

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    I mean not getting everything soaked if it rains...

    i took a tesco tent to t in the park a few years back and had no problems

    The material used to construct the outer material of your tent is … The material used to construct the outer material of your tent is measured in millimetres of hydrostatic head, usually shown as 3000mm HH This is used to denote the amount of pressure of water that is Required in order to penetrate the fabric. During a British Spring, Summer, and Autumn the hydrostatic head of a tent should certainly be no less than 1000mm. Any less and water seeping in during a storm is very likely. Bear in mind also that wind-driven rain requires a higher hydrostatic head. A hydrostatic head of at least 2000mm or more is going to be suitable for most European rain conditions in all seasons.


    Any single skinned tent is useless, your stuff will get soaked, get a … Any single skinned tent is useless, your stuff will get soaked, get a double skinned or expect wet stuff.


    Single skinned tents are for children camping in your garden overnight. You'll be wet cold and damp in the night because of the condensation.

    Another consideration is the groundsheet and seams. We had a chep twin-skinned tent for the kids that stayed totally dry above in a really bad storm but the groundsheet leaked like a sieve. After a few uses the seams started leaking too.

    I'm not sure whether putting another groundsheet under the tent (or even inside) will help; but once they start leaking anything that touches it is likely to wick up water until you're well and truly soggy. Maybe a cheap two-layer with a bit of spare plastic sheet to put over the groundsheet will see you dry in festival rain?

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    Thanks alot for the replies, I looked about online a bit more and on here and found this…tml which has a 2000mm head, I think it's twin skin, originally £60, down to £30, then 20% off and another 10% with a voucher code, came out at £21.59 I think so hopefully it will do. Alot more for the extra £6.

    Reps for the help
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