16" boys bike please

    it's my sons 6th birthday in 3 weeks, and he has just announced he would like a new bike!
    i really don't have a lot to spend, and he doesn't use it a huge amount, so one that 'would do' would be great.
    any ideas please?


    asda are selling kids bmx bikes for £50, cheapest new bike you'll get.:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    ohhh, i take it that is instore only, i can only see £80+ online!

    Def in store - I was in there today. They are doing cheap helmets too.Bikes looked ok to me.

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    thanks, i can see the £50 ones now online, but they seem to be 20", does anyone know if they had 16"?

    no sorry, i'm sure they have various sizes though,:)

    I have been looking on and off for a 16" bike because my son cant actually go his current bike without stabilisers yet. Amazon has the best one at £60 and free del…8-1
    Argos has one that goes up and down in price (between £35 and £70) but for us, then the one we'll end up going for is one in halfords at £75 because they build it for…_-1

    I have kept an eye on them since Feb and if you have someone who knows what they are doing with brakes, go for amazon: if you dont, then go for halfords.
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