160gb Apple Ipod. Cheapest place to get it?

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Found 29th Oct 2007
I'm looking to get a 160gb Apple Ipod (my 20gb just doesnt have enough space).

Whats the cheapest i can get it for?

Any help would be appreciated.

The cheapest i've found it for so far is on Johnlewis.com.

They have it on there website at £229. But after using the telepgraphs £20 off voucher i can get it down to £209

Can anyone else find a better deal?



This is a good deal, if you want to risk using the codes:


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yea thanks i just had a look at that site.

I tried registering to try and use the code, but it says i need a customer number. Which someone just told me i have to phone up to get which is plain stupid.

Any other ideas anyone?

saying that, there is someone ]here who seems to have been able to order...

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i've never used the site but looking at the remarks no-ones actually sure there gonna get anything. And ive ordered things in the past not from that company but others and had them go back on me. too much hassal really.

I went on ebuyer. They are doing the ipod at £217.34

But if i pay using google checkout i get £10 off

making it £207.34

Best so far

Any better deals?

No Better online deal but i can get you one for £180 delivered. MY gf does it all the time works for virgin bring back lost of extras for family and friends.

missed out it would be brand new in box would just be coming from america.

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no thanks.

Wanted it asap. Have friends in america too so could get them to buy it and mail it over. would take ages to arrive.

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thanks guys. Not looking for an ipod anymore.

Moneys all gone

poor student here. living off pennys till my student loan arrives next year

Wouldnt take ages shes back on Sunday!!! but i would need to tell her today to buy one... so she would post it to you from st ablans on monday.
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