16GB iPad

    Hi guys,

    Any Ipad deals going around at the moment, looking for one with 3g apparently.


    Why do you want 3G? Think about it first.
    There should be some good 2nd hand that will pop up soon before the new one co es out as most people will want to upgrade.
    I bought a 32gb before Xmas and only went for wifi. Got a phone that has 3G already so dont need it.

    Same here went with wifi and thats all you need as i only use mine in the house why waste money..Cheapest new ipad is ia viking direct using Topcashback 9 per cent off should get it for around the £385.00 MARK _____________ 440.00quid @Currys .........By the way the Ipad is a tremendous piece of kit:)
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    Yes like the other guy said...if you can wait a couple of months iPAD 2 will soon be launched and all the I WANT people will want the new one thus selling their old ones on e-bay at a fraction of what they are now
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    Original Poster

    thanks guys, not for me so i'm passing along all the details.

    an ipad is a good piece of kit I agree, we have 2 in the house just now, but maybe consider the Android epad, This comes with the android 2.2 firmware in it, can get 3g and wifi or just wifi. Great market place, fraction of the ipads price, alot faster to set up from what we seen on christmas day. doesnt freeze and has a really good user interface imho, Not being biased
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