16GB USB Flash Drive

    I'm looking for a reliable 16GB USB flash drive, preferably stylish & quick transfer speeds.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    8 Comments…9U/ i ordered one of these the other day has'nt come yet though…fl/

    That was quite a hot deal, decent brand, so should be reliable and not a bad price.

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    ChipSticks;4385517 was quite a hot deal, decent brand, so should be reliable and not a bad price.

    Thankyou for the suggestion ChipSticks. However, the reason why I have to buy a brand new USB flash drive is because I had the 4GB version of the above and it stopped working. Therefore, I am trying my best to stay well away from Sandisk Cruzer Micros. Nevertheless, if someone could be kind enough to do a speed test on their 16GB version of the Cruzer Micro (…es/) and post the results here (hint: NTFS formatted memory sticks are the fastest)- it would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone have the 16gb titanium version?

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    This product seems very good. Does anyone have it and would they recommend it?

    Why are 16gb flash drives cheaper than most bigger AND smaller drives, it's crackers.

    Thinking of buying a couple of 16gb for picture backup instead of external drive

    I'm holding back on buying a 16GB stick for now - as you'll see here, nobody gives an unequivocal recommendation and the "professional" reviews are similar. People have many different reasons for choosing, but it definitely seems to be that you get what you pay for - and all the cheaper sticks all come with compromises.. :?

    With 32GB on the market already, there will be downward pressure on prices so I'm staying put until I find a stick which isn't made of tissue paper or is dog slow. Caveat emptor - remember, the early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! :whistling:

    im gonna get the 16gb Dane Elec zLight 220x speed usb flash drive from 7dayshop at 19.99 tonight ]link here

    if anybody has got any objections(or knows a better price) shall speak now!
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