Found 13th Apr 2009
Im looking for a cheap but fast write and read USB stick around 16GB - any suggestions?



Hi there

Have a look at 7day shop

I like the look of this

USB 2.0 Flash / Key Drive - 16GB - Dane Elec zLight - 220x READ SPEED! £19.99

Was £15.99 a while back i missed it.So i am waiting for it to go down again.

Read comments about drive on how to format to NTFS.
I used this way

Convert a backup drive to NTFS

To convert an external drive to NTFS

Log on to your computer as an administrator.

Click Start, right-click My Computer.

In the My Computer window, make a note of the drive letter and label assigned to your external drive. Usually, the drive letter will be E or F. The drive letter will not be C (that's the hard drive inside your computer). The label is the word between the drive picture and the drive letter. Some drives may not have a label.

Click Start, click Run, and then type convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

For example, if your external drive is drive E, you would type convert E: /fs:ntfs

Then, click OK.

A command window appears. Type the label for your external drive, and then press ENTER. If your drive does not have a label, just press ENTER.

If a message warns you that the volume is in use by another process, close any other open windows. Then, press Y and then ENTER.

Windows XP converts your external drive to NTFS. When the conversion is done, the window automatically closes. Your drive is ready for your backups.

If later you format the drive to delete all on drive you will need to redo steps above as it reverts to standard files ok.

what reason would you want to convert it to ntfs?


what reason would you want to convert it to ntfs?

Once converted run quite a bit quickes

used h2testw.exe to test all drives i own.As a lot are fake if from hong kong from a certain uk site where you bid for items.
This programe tests speed etc and drives formated to NTFS run at faster speeds .
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