16GB USB Stick - or Sandisk Cruzer

    I've had a sandisk 1gb for ages, and now need a bigger drive. Are the memory sticks any better than sandisk? they have better reviews but thats seems to be because of the U3 which you can easily remove?
    Any suggestions?


    memory sticks are pretty much all the same, I have 2 of the 8gb sandisk ones and they are good but no different from the other 8gb sticks that I have, its mainly down to names as with most electronics ie sony is perceived as being good where as teknica not so good for the same product!

    I got this one - transfer speed is fantastic (pink one is £2 cheaper ?)…8-2

    I was looking around xmas, and most of the cheaper one's had ****** reviews. This had great reviews & I can recommend it
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