16inch bike with stabilisers?

Found 25th Oct 2014
hi my son has problems pedalling and needs a bike with stabilisers still. im need some advice where to look for a really good selection. argos have none. i dont really want to spend any more than £100. i know i can buy stabilisers seperate but they have such mixed reviews. thank you

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for a bike that big it really needs to be a trike. (unfortunately very expensive.)
stabilisers are not designed for more than small children.

I think your best bet might be to get a local engineering company or mechanic to custom fabricate something for you.
Theres some on ebay (new) for about £70 delivered.
wev got our son one from smyths toys they had a few 16" with stableisers
that big? its not enormous and they do sell some. just not a big selection. he is just turning 7 but weighs about 3 stone. thanks guys dont need til january for his birthday but just seeing whats out there x
Look in to balance bikes - the ones without pedals that turn. They're much better for getting a child started on a bike

£60 for one and you can buy something better when he's able to ride without stabilisers, I'm sure you get there soon with it.My daughter goes all over with me by bike.
Always check the weight of the bike's and go for the lightest.
Some may look good, but then be very heavy and will be hard to ride.
These two from halfords seem to have good reviews but not sure of weight


thanks we had a balance bike before but he couldnt get on with it.he has coordination difficulties so he found it hard to sit and go on it.he just held it inbetween legs and ran.will have a look thank you
my fault i guess, I have 16" bikes that accommodate my 13 stone 6ft self
hadn't guessed childs bikes are measured differently as always got 2nd hand.

get a good bike and add your own(or get a shop to fit for you)
evans have a good choice- the Raleigh say they fit up to 20" , evanscycles.com/sea…y=0
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