17% Cashback on Skype Subscriptions, etc. through PayPal NOW 35% QUIDCO!

    I tried VOIP about 2 years ago with the Tesco network, and wasn't impressed. Recently friends and family have convinced me to try Skype on my netbook, and technology seems to have come a long way. I am not dumping my regular phone just yet, but I am impressed. So I was interested to see the following offer when checking out through PayPal today. (Okay, the attraction is free calls, but with their low cost subscription service/PAYGcalls worldwide to landlines and mobiles, this might be of use to some.)

    From the PayPal website, Offers section...
    "Terms and conditions
    Get 17% cashback!
    Your purchase(s) will be tracked and your cashback will be automatically credited to your account within 90 to 100 days.

    Cashback will only be awarded for purchases of Skype Credit, subscriptions, voicemail and online numbers. Cashback will not be awarded on sales of hardware or accessories or on VAT.
    Offer expires on December 31, 2009.

    The PayPal Offers terms and conditions as well as the merchant's terms and conditions apply. A fair use policy applies for Skype's subscriptions.
    Offer expires on 31 December 2009"


    I always top up via quidco, they currently give 25% cashback:)


    I always top up via quidco, they currently give 25% cashback:)



    25% thru topcashback

    Original Poster

    To all posters, I standeth corrected.
    Being a member of both Quidco and TopCashback, I should've checked, it would've saved me time uploading that skype paypal thumbnail thingy and working out how to get it into the post. Ah well, good practice, I'm learning!

    Thanks to all.

    Original Poster

    Just noticed that this is now up to 35% through quidco!
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