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    Hi all,, lookin to buy a decent 17" laptop around £1000 to £1500..SEEMS TOO MANY OPTIONS FOR GETTING IT WRONG!! Dont want an expensive mistake???


    what are you using the laptop for???

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    Both for work ..autocad... electronic / hydraulic diags and offshore so can have plenty time to learn

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    It depends how important the 3D software is compared to gaming.

    My first recommendation would be the Dell Precision M90 or its successor the Precision M6300. The Precision series is Dell's workstation class range which means they are fitted with Quadro graphics cards rather than GeForce cards, Quadro cards are heavily optimised for 3D workstation applications which means although they share similar raw hardware to the GeForce versions they tend to be faster for workstations applications and have better support. The Precision series also comes with a three year next business day onsite warranty as standard, it's worth checking the outlet as well as the main site - a Quaddro FX2500m 512MB is around the same in gaming performance as a GeForce 7900GTX 5120MB, the 3500m 512MB is similar to the 7950GTX 512MB and the 1600m the 8600 or 8700m.

    If it's more play rather than work you're thinking of then there's the Rock Xtreme 770 which ca be configured with the new Penryn processors and the powerful GeForce 8800m graphics card which is currently the fastest available mobile card. I'm not sure if your budget will stretch quite that far, the X770 has a three year return to base warranty and isn't quite as strong as the Precision M90.



    buy a mac

    danby jason;1447632

    buy a mac

    I was going to recommend one but the 17" macbook pro starts from £1,799.00 and also the things that he wants to do, Autocad (and other 3D software) and games are more suited to a Windows machine.

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    Thanks Emma ,,as ur aware just a newbie.....juat a little quick off the mark,,due back on 20th so a little bit care and attention required....
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