17" Laptop

    I am looking for a good deal on a new laptop.

    The one I am replacing is a 3 year old, T2600 (2.16 ghz) 4GB Ram.

    My main requirement is a 17" display @ 1920x1200. The only ones I can find that support such a high resolution are Dell. Does anyone know of any others?

    I want something in a newer processor, either dual or quad core, 2.16 GHz or faster.


    You looking for new or used laptop?

    Try the sony FW series! I will be selling mine FW11M soon. Let me know if interested.

    Give me a heads up when you sell :thumbsup:


    Give me a heads up when you sell :thumbsup:

    Will do mate. But will be looking for around £500! Need to get a macbook air.

    A bit too much for me buddy but thanks any how .. :-0

    Original Poster

    not looking for a used laptop.

    and i dont think the sony support 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) anyway.

    thanks anyway.

    This has went up a little in price but still a good deal ...not sure what res it can go to either but worth a look : :thumbsup:…410
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