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    Looking for a 17" laptop that I will use for internet connection, viewing movies & some video editing. I may also use it to download movies & music.

    I recently order the Dell VOSTRO 1700 for £562.00 al in. Unfortunately, their waiting time has gone up from 4 weeks to 10 weeks (& even that is not guaranteed). Therefore, I cancelled my order.

    Now I urgently need a 17" laptop (within 2 weeks). Are there any options available that could rival the DELL vostro and any make I should stay away from?

    Are ACER any good?




    you must be in the same situation as me.. im going uni on 27th sept!!!..

    vostros look good value for money

    stay away from acers battery life is shockingly bad!

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    you must be in the same situation as me.. im going uni on 27th … you must be in the same situation as me.. im going uni on 27th sept!!!..vostros look good value for moneystay away from acers battery life is shockingly bad!


    Oh hell! :shock: I thought Acer was a good name after Dell. I was thinking of going 4 9304Wsmi (similar spec to Vostro - just slightly less) for £550.00 from Laskeys. Any other makes that I could try - may be Toshiba?

    My budget is £600 tops - including delivery. Getting desperate now.

    I'm also looking. This is the best 17" that meets my criteria...

    Fujitsu Siemens Xi 2528

    Santa Rosa chipset
    Wireless N
    Remote control


    Also has advanced features such as


    So new I can't even find a price on it

    ive risked and gone for vostro.. such a good price.. i told em to put it on priority for me.. just hope it comes before i go uni where u off to Robie?

    HDMI is still rare, DVI with HDCP (which can become HDMI with a dvi to hdmi cable easily) is slowly appearing

    802.11n is only standard on top end laptops really and an extra on others if available

    Subwoofer again not always standard and a bonus really, (i;d recommend some good headphones over laptop speakers anyday, like these: ]here)

    Remote control is rare due to space it takes up in a laptop and tends to be on 17" + media/video/tv type laptops which carry a rip off premium.

    I still think the vostro 1700 is good even with a delay, you should be able to get a discount, free delivery or not for having to wait so long and family/friends can always take the laptop out to you at uni.
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