17" Laptop recommendation?

Found 26th Jan
Need help deciding between these two. Both priced at £1049 on Amazon.

Both has 8GB RAM - 128GB SSD - 1TB HDD

cpu- i5 7300HQ
gpu- 1060 GTX 6GB

cpu: i7 7700HQ
gpu- 1050 GTX 2GB

Asus has a better GPU and Omen has a better CPU.

+ I like the Asus design, looks pretty neat with the lightweight and thin design and aluminium casing. Also has a Thunderbolt 3 / USB C 3.1 Gen 2 port.

+ Hp Omen looks big and plasticky. I might be wrong but Asus build quality just looks much better. However, Omen has the better CPU with Hyperthreading and seems to have better audio with the bang & olfsen dual speakers.

- According to reviews: Asus getting too hot when gaming.

- According to reviews: The screen is very poor on these Omens. The only good screen is the 120hz model which costs £1400. Apparently these lack contrast, brightness and you get a lot of screen bleeding.

What are your thoughts on this ?
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If you’re buying it for gaming then I would definetely go for the ASU’s. The 1060 is a much better card and worth paying extra.
Neither. The storage configuration is a dealbreaker, imo. A 128GB SSD is fine for a cheap basic system, but it's woefully inadequate for something that's intended for more serious use. Trouble is, you lose half the capacity right off the bat (formatting, Windows, your basic few apps, etc), which leaves you with a tiny amount of storage which you'll forever need to manually work around, and which will occasionally interrupt your ability to use the system entirely. The 1TB HDD gives you a place to offload data to, but you don't want to be launching software from such a slow drive in this day and age, and, again, I'm sure you don't want to waste your time shifting stuff between it and the SSD out of desire for speed and out of necessity.

If you can afford the £1050, I'd seriously consider putting the extra toward the £1400 model, especially if it offers double the framerates, G-sync, a half-way respectable SSD, and other such upgrades.
Remember the 7300HQ is only a dual core CPU as well.

I paid £800 for a 7700HQ and a 1050Ti from PCSpeciallist. So if you keep your eyes open i dont think it would be impossible to get a 7700HQ with a 1060 for your budget
It wont be for gaming actually so i dont mind about how good the graphics card is. I just want a 17" with a nice screen, i5 or i7 .. btw that asus i5 i7300HQ is a quad core. There will be lots of media converting extracting work done on it so i dont know if i7 hyper threading will make a big difference. Storage wise i have a server and the 1tb hdd will do the job, i will probably upgrade the ssd to like 500gb m2. So it all comes to the one with a better build quality, thunderbolt 3, 120hz screen, better speakers etc.. dont mind paying like £1000+

Also on Amazon: MSI PE72 7RD £1099

i7700 with a 120hz screen

Theres also one seller from Spain who has it up for £1151 with 16gb ram. Spanish keyboard
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