17" Laptop with dedicated graphics card


    I am after a 17" Laptop with dedicated graphics card. I don't need it to play the latest games, but I will be running graphics intensive application on it. As you may expect I don't want to spend a lot (around £500). Can anybody point me in the direction of a good deal? I am fine with a refurbished machine.

    Thanks in advance.


    Sadly you are asking a little too much, there were some decent deals for 940m/950m GPU's during Christmas as the old gen was being cleared out and sadly these machines are either OOS or are still trying to be sold for top dollar.

    The results of a 10/15 minute search of the usual haunts came up with only one machine sub £500, but it's not 17 "…asp

    940m benchmarks…tml

    HD 630 benchmarks (i5 7500 integrated GPU)…tml

    Check with your applications on if they are going to use the dedicated Video card first. If they are not then maybe it's not the best option. Also consider a good second hand i7
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