17'' or 18'' Laptop

    Hey all,
    Ive been outta the loop as to what a good Spec Laptop is and what is a good deal for a while now as I have been using my Company Supplied Compaq nc6220 for a few years now but I'm starting a new job soon that will not come with one.

    I'm going to be spending a lot of time without my family as the job is in Norway so I would like something that will play Movies. A Blu-Ray player would be great but not fussed about a Blu-Ray Burner though. A Web-Cam built in would also be great so I can speak to my family back home. I play alot of games on my PS3 but I will be leaving that for the Kids to play on untill they come over too so a Machine that can play games would be nice but not a high priority. I like the look of the high Gloss Machines too.

    I have a budget of £650 but I could stretch to £700 and not tell the Wife,lol.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Sony FW range, HP and Samsung have 16"-18" notebooks with Blu-Ray drives as well as Acer/ASUS...but I have been waiting for the new Core i5 models to come out; depends on how long you can wait.

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    Thanks for the reply. I leave on the25th so I really need one by then. I wonder if getting a LapTop Duty Free at the Airport would be a good idea?

    Depends on which make/model you are looking for...there is a Sony Shop in T5 but if you want HP or Samsung it may not be available.

    Have you tried the price comparison sites?

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    Thanks for the replys guys. I went for the Sony in the end so a big thankyou to Frogman!

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    The Sony Refurb was badly scratched all over and was not the spec it said on the tin so it's going back. I'm not so keen on the other two is there any other reccommendation's out there?

    Many thanks!


    i agree.
    the sony fw56e is the one id go for (if the budget would allow!)
    in the meantime ill settle for a cronky medion that ive had for about 5 million years lol
    good luck my friend
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