18 month contract when can i upgrade?

    if i hav an 18 month contract with tmobile through the company when is the earliest i can upgrade and will it effect my redemptions?


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    also what is the difference between a blackberry booster and unlimited data? thanks again

    You can usually upgrade within the last 3 months of your contract.

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    You can usually upgrade within the last 3 months of your contract.

    but will that not get in the way of redemptions?

    You can sometimes upgrade within 3 months of your contract end date, it depends on how high a user you are i.e. how much you spend over and above your monthly contract cost. If it not much, or not at all, then the earliest you'll be able to upgrade is a month before your contract end date.

    As for redemptions, no idea, it will depends on the terms of the deal you signed up to. Maybe easiest to look at those terms?

    You can upgrade up to 3 months before the end of your current term. Although you won't get a good offer until you're in the last 30 days or (even better) out of your minimum term.

    Once you change your contract you'll lose the rest of your redemptions (cashback I'm guessing) as they are linked to your original contract.
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