£18.50 profit for £6.49 spend @ Boots instore

The Olay Definity Eye gift box is priced at £24.99 on the shelf but scans at £6.49.
It contains a full sized Olay Definity Eye Illuminator which scans at £24.99, I returned mine today.

So, return Eye Illuminator to store for a refund of £24.99 to spend on something you actually need/want in Boots, or just buy more boxes and multiply your profit

New Boots voucher tomorrow is £5 off skincare, including Olay, it may work with this box making it even cheaper.


can you return without the receipt? might see if they have any in my boots

Do they not ask for receipt ?

I wouldn't do this as I think it's dishonest. I also don't think that Boots would honor this for the following reasons;

Usually the items in the gift box do not have barcodes as they are not for resale.

Boots do not return/exchange cosmetic items-see their receipt or terms and conditions for confirmation of this.

I am all for getting a good deal but isn't this a bit close to the thin line bordering on fraud?

If we're going to be dishonest, stealling is free, as l;ong as you don't get caught. :roll:

Misprice is one thing but this isn't a deal.


Moved to Misc as this is not a deal

yeah your right but i dont think anyone complained about the morrisons deals when you were buying items that were on 2 offers which meant you got more money back that what you spent plus the items.

tbh i doubt that they would refund everyone due to being cosmetics

Original Poster

The eye illuminator in the box has a barcode, it is identical to the one on the shelves which is for sale as a single item.

No receipt needed, I explained it was a gift as part of a pamper hamper for my birthday.

Skincare can be returned for a refund, only cosmetics that can't unless you have an allergy to them.

It's theft


It's theft

Borderline :thinking:


I am all for getting a good deal but isn't this a bit close to the thin … I am all for getting a good deal but isn't this a bit close to the thin line bordering on fraud?

Agreed, too far on the dodgy side, i'd definitely say fraudulant. Any coppers/lawyers on HUKD ?:?

i'd buy it at the bargain price, no need to rip boots off by taking anything back

its because of people in a rush to take things back for the quick money that prevents some companies from doing these deals in the first place and some companies dont give refunds because of this sort of thing
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