18th birthday present(boy) ideas

    any sugestions just looking to spend around £20 as he's not a relative or anything


    Two 10 pound notes?


    Two 10 pound notes?

    Four fivers, you tightwad!

    bag of pound coins - weighs more so he'll think you spent more on him!!!


    Does he have a girl friend

    A fragrance or vouchers to a game shop.

    pair of cufflinks? a nice tie?


    How about you make up a cinema hamper type thing with 2 cinema vouchers a couple of miniature bottles of wine, chocolate or maltesers, cashew nuts and some butterkist popcorn.

    He can take his girlfriend if he has one or go with a mate.

    Does he have an I pod ? if so an I tunes voucher as my teenagers spend a fortune on songs and apps on there

    Wallet ?

    lovely bottle of champers for £14.99 and a good pack of condoms

    Do what Coleen Nolan did for her boy.


    subscription to brazzers
    Edited by: "ryman1000" 5th Nov 2010

    deffo a fragrance i would recommend paco rabanne 1 million.
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