19-22" LCD TV with either Freeview or DVD built in

    Looking for one of these asap please. £250 budget!

    Thanks :thumbsup:


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    That looks great thanks, rep added :thumbsup:

    Anyone know of any others so I can choose between them?

    Not too sure what would be the best feature to have - dvd player inbuilt or freeview inbuilt. It's for a conservatory and obviously for space saving purposes dvd AND freeview inbuilt would be ideal...not going to be able to get that though.


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    Just noticed that one's not in stock, so any others? Thanks

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    Hi mate.

    I used to have the 19" acoustic solutions hdtv with built in DVD from argos, it was £230.

    I then bought the Bush Scart Freeview, tiny little device that fitted perfectly behind the TV, no space taken. Cheap little, nice quality package

    The freeview scart goes down to £39.99 in sales. Just £10 over budget, plus you get HD Ready

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    That little scart thing seems to be the ideal solution! Thanks a lot for that mate

    With the freeview thing, does that use a remote control or does it enable the original tv remote to be used somehow? If it takes a remote control how can you get it to reach the signal? If it's behind the tv?

    Thanks again


    Hi I just received my Toshiba 20" lcd from, its very stylish & compact- It was out of stock when I ordred & the price was £179.99 minus the £5 off code 'Techno5' - not intergrated but great size if space is an issue...altho it's showing up as £199.99 on the website today (I was charged £174.99)…fer

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    Thanks for the link to that site. Going for this bush example ]http//ww…p=n And found that bush scart freeview thing for £40 on curry's website, £260 in total

    Thanks guys


    No probs - i went for that one as I wanted a black TV & most are silver...bargain


    I'm sure you read the spec but the bush only has 1 scart socket as opposed to the Toshiba having 2 - Usefull for PS2, DVD etc
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