19" HDTV LCD or TFT monitor for 360

    Hi there guys,

    Just looking for some quick advice, looking to buy a tv for use with my xbox 360 in my bedroom. Just curious whether to go for an HDTV LCD or TFT monitor, i dont really know much about the differences in quality etc so any advice and links to some deals would be appreciated.



    I went for a 32" Hanspree for £300.00 for gaming it's fantastic. Just make sure you get the official component cable, it makes a huge difference.

    I have a Sony Bravia and for games you can barely notice the difference. Which shows how good the Hanspree is for gaming. The pictures not the greatest for movies but then again it's not too bad.

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    as much as i'd love to go for a 32" i really dont have the space in my room for it, so for the time being going for a 19" maybe slighty bigger just depends on wat offers our out there.

    Hmmm well you could always go for a small Sony, Samsung or LG maybe.

    I am sure you would pick one up for £200 or so.

    I use one of these and its perfect in my bedroon. Picture quality and colour is excellent.…tml
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