19" LCD TV please!

Found 18th Jan 2010
I'm looking for a 19" LCD for my bedroom. Would be nice to have a DVD drive built in and Freeview, but not too worried about HD etc as it won't get that much use. A bit of breakfast TV maybe? Got a 37" full HD downstairs so not too bothered

Any suggestions for a cheap but good/reliable TV would be great. Particularly interested in Sainsbury (get staff discount in there) or Play.com (got playfunds burning a hole...) or John Lewis (5 yr guarantee!) but open to any suggestions!

Thank you in advance!
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Not sure online but Asda or Tesco instore are great for those things. My woman got one with DVD player built in for under £150. Not really branded but nice enough with a couple of scarts and an HDMI port on it as well.
You can get this for £179.15 with 20% off voucher code XX959 at very :thumbsup:

try willentrading .com
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