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    Hi all
    What is the current cheapest 19" TFT monitor.
    I missed the Toshiba one for £158 delivered..
    The cheapest i found was samsung at around £188 inc VAT



    they have VERY nice Digimate 19" on (click on the Web SuperSpecials banner on the main page). I got one of those for £160 delivered, they are a bit more expensive now, but this panel is seriously nice.

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    Is digimate reliable?

    Comet does Acer 1913S for 169.99

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    Could you specify the link please

    I never heard of Digimate before I got this one, but now I've actually amazed by the build quality and customer services. I also had no dead pixels at all. So did 5 of my friends who bought the same monitor. I also had a few acer tfts in the past I had had lots of trouble with all of them. Going back to Digimate, I think you also get an on-site warranty, which means they come to your house to repair it... nice...

    As to Acer -…tml

    I recommend you to go to store (any store, do not limit yourself to Comet) and see the picture quality yourself. Play with chosen monitor for at least 10 minutes and check whether you haven't got an eyestrain (it is quite common for both CRT and TFT but for different reasons). Do not take advise from "skilled" salesmen and try to adjust refresh rate - it is meaningless as there is no refresh in TFTs. Unless you want to test videocard of course.
    Ask specifically about "Dead pixels" policy - you could end up with dead/wrong pixels in your monitor and both retailer and manufacturer will refuse to repair/replace it.

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    Now, one more thing - I personally hate TFTs because picture is inferior on most of them except those using S-IPS matrices. TN+ film is really awful (that's what you get in cheapo monitors). So I went back to CRT (currently using Philips 109P40). So, not being satisfied myself with TFT quality, can't comment on whether you'd like picture of model XYZ.
    I don't want to start flaming war CRT vs TFT so I am just expressing my humble opinion. I am pretty sure that most of poster would disagree

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