19/20" widescreen TFT monitor

Found 26th Oct 2006
Hi everyone,

Im looking for the above, either a 19" or 20" WIDESCREEN TFT as its for gaming. Whats the best deals?:)

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just found this:


How does that compare to the 19" widescreen HannsG which is a similar proce at the moment?

Samsung 225BW 22" monitor, for over £300 at Komplett.co.uk
Great for gaming mainly, like 5ms response time.

Though it might too big, get the Samsung 205BW 20" monitor same as the 22" but smaller.

Remember these have HDCP as standard.
cheers mate, will check it out, dont really want to spend that much though.
Samsung 205WM is still available from PCWorld alhough price went up a bit. Good monitor.
Another monitor I recommend is the LG L204WT, best gaming monitor for your money. This also has HDCP, you can buy this at Komplett as they're the cheapest so far.
Ah, sorry it is not 205WM but 205BW.
Both the LG and Samsung are super sweet! iv not been looking at PCWorld and places like that as i thought online retailers would be much cheaper but they don't seem to be.

cheers again, what else you got?
Take a look at IIYama E2200WS
Iiyama E2200WS, the cheapest I found is at Xtsit.com, another 22" monitor but no HDCP. Basically the Iiyama uses the same panel as the Samsung, both TN panels.
If you want quality screen, look for S-IPS or S-PVA screens, but of course you would have to cough up a bit more money. The Dell widescreen monitors uses these panels, it's probably why you see so many glowing reviews.
Try froogle (part of google) and do a net search. Think a 19" at PC World was under £100 when I last looked, and around £115 other places
i was in the same situation as you a few months back. decided to spend a bit more for a bigger screen (20" wide) and a better brand (dell, uses same panel as the Apple cinema display monitors)

i could not be happier with my ~£280 spent on the 2007WFP. with a 19" wide monitor you a get a resolution of 1440 x 900 whereas a standard 19" is 1280 x 1024, so you get a wider but less 'tall' monitor. the 20" gives you a resolution of 1050 x 1680.

imo get a 20" wide over a 19" wide if you can afford it. if you have a bit more money to throw at it, get a good brand - after all how often do you buy a monitor?!
I just ordered this monitor from Dabs, haven't tried it yet but has very good reveiws and reasonable price

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