Found 9th Aug 2009
I have found the most amazing tool on there since the fornat so bare with me whilst I talk you through.

First go to advanced search the instead of putting a persons name in put a house number then street or area then put in the postcode. After that it comes up with a list of occupents for that address or street . Finally make a note of that name and put it in search. Hope this helped i'm not that good at explaining these sort of things.
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OMG That been going on for years now, have you been hibernating. LOL
Lol ive been using 192.com for years and on,ly just found this tool I have always been putting names in and its come up with limited information now I just put a house number in and everything comes up including their age and dob. I must be slow.:)
News to me, it's quite old info though, around 10 years I would guess, one of our neighbours is listed as living there and he's been in NZ with his new girlfriend for 7 years or so and his ex wife moved 5 years back now.
try scrolling down it has a list of electoral role through out the years unless they are ex directory.
I didn't know about this! but you do have to pay! how much is it etc
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