1950's Walnut Bedroom Furniture

    Hi all,

    I've got some 1950's Walnut Bedroom Furniture and wondered the best way to sell it? Does anyone know any dealers in the North London area? Should i go to auction? Or is anyone interested?

    1 Large Wardrobe
    1 Small Wardrobe
    1 Dressing Table
    1 Bed Headboard

    Not sure how to post up pics?



    From your description it sounds just like one I had to clear a little while back.

    I contacted a few dealers and was told that it was worth next to nothing and give it to charity. Even though the condition was great none of them were interested (no call for those kind of sets these days). I ended up giving it to age concern.

    I was told at auction they go for less than 30 quid a set, take off commission and what they'll change you to collect it and you end up making a loss...

    Original Poster

    aww, thats such a shame

    I've seen some similar items on ebay that have sold for around £100 for a wardrobe. Maybe the ones i saw were just flukes though?

    Thanks for the info Steve.

    Did you ever get a response....I have the same issue this year?
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