1960s/70s Sci Fi show with orange bodies?

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Found 1st Jun 2008
Does anyone remember the name of a sci fi show where people from outer space had taken human form and lived among us. When they were killed they turned orange and then vanished.

I think they were killed with water or something random like that.

It was shown around the time of 'time tunnel' and Man From UNCLE etc.

Please please help as its driving me and my dad crazy as we used towatch it when it was reshown in the 80s on BBC 2 at 6pm.


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was it 'the invaders' Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent -

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

- Umpa Lumpas

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was it 'the invaders' david thinnes mmmm starred in it methinks - the … was it 'the invaders' david thinnes mmmm starred in it methinks - the fog is clearing!!http://www.theinvaders.co.uk/

:-D:-D:-D :thumbsup:

That is THE show i mean........FINALLY after about 6 months of thinking, you have settled it on the first post and possibly saved my family from a certain spiral of depression from my dad and i constantly arguing about what it is!

Thankyou so much!

Rep added for sure!

Brings back memories, crooked little finger and cerebral hemorrhages, heh :thumbsup:

Invaders might be the right answer, but t0mm's is inspired!

Are you sure it wasn't a series of TANGO ads?

OK I'll get my coat:)
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