1gb Pc2700 Ddr Sodimm

Found 29th Sep 2006
Are there any good offers/low prices anywhere on a 200-pin 1GB PC2700 DDR SODIMM ram module. I don't want 2*512MB modules.

Also, i'm new to the site. I've joined yesterday and also registered with quidco. Can I use the quidco service immediately?, because it said something about not paying anything for 10 days because of the new bank and paypal details I gave them.

Here is what I'm after to avoid confusion. ]http//ww…D=0

Thanks, Anthony
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Hey Anton, welcome to HUKD. You can use the Quidco service straight away to track your transactions. Then it normally takes the merchant a while to pay Quidco your reward.

The 10 day period pretty much acts as a method to deter account hacking and redirecting your earnings.
Thanks, So if I use quidco in the next ten days I won't get any cashback?

Thanks, So if I use quidco in the next ten days I won't get any cashback?

Don't worry about the 10 day notice as it doesn't apply to your current situation. You will get cashback on any transactions you make using the links but it may take many weeks for the merchant to actually pay Quidco, who in turn pay you.

Ahh, you're from Preston! Hello from down the road in Lancaster
Yes from Preston. At uni in sheffield at the moment though.
I have another question about quidco. How long does it take to give an indication on my account that a cashback transaction is in progress.
Under 'My Earnings' it will appear under the tracked column and will eventually progress to being Validated then Received over a period of time (prob depends on the merchant).

In fact i've just noticed my purchase from Crucial (10%) hasn't been tracked, how annoying!

p.s. I also went to Uni in Sheffield, ahh the memories of Leadmill, Kingdom etc.
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