1GB Ram (ASAP)

    I am in need of 1gb of ram. I am asking where is the best place to buy is? The cheaper the better Need urgently as i got vista ready for installation and really want this upgrade before i install!

    Anyway, Im after some for a dell inspiron 1300 LAPTOP (533mhz, DDR2 SDRAM, 1gb)



    Kingston 1gb DDRII (533mhz) Just £44 plus delivery. Obviously this will add a few extra quid as you will probably want next day delivery.…326

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    Sorry to ask but is it laptop ram? Reason i ask is because i didnt make it clear in my first post sorry!

    Ah no, do you require laptop ram instead? - Great prices..... (Cheaper than ebuyer too...)

    £49.99 + delivery.

    It is only generic stuff but at this price I would give it a go and it is faster than your ram. But it is the same price as the lower clocked stuff so this is actually better, it will just clock itself down to match your other ram.…910

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    Ah no, do you require laptop ram instead?

    Yep LAPTOP RAM NEEDED, and i take it doesnt matter about the differnet clocking speeds?

    No mate, you are better off getting the higher clocked stuff if it's the same price. All it does is run at the same speed as your other ram that is installed.

    Basically it's like buying a car with a 1 ltre engine for £1,000 or getting the same car with a 2 litre engine for the same price and the engine automatically tuning itself down to run at 1 litre, but it can run at 2 litres at the push of a button. Which would you buy?

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    Many thanks then mate appreciated. Ordered the ram beerman1. Added to your rep!

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