1Gb Sd card please

    Any good deals, likes for Kingston etc?

    friend just bought a new digi camera so needing an sd card for it :thumbsup:


    I have never tried them but do their own brand for £5.99! I doubt you will find cheaper than that!…tml

    *edit* thats a mini sd which can be used as a normal sd too

    but a normal sd is £6.99…tml

    KIngston 1gb SD card ]click £7.09 delivered


    KIngston 1gb SD card ]click £7.09 delivered

    good spot

    actually, that same one is £2.94 on amazon…8-1

    although if you look carefully, its not actually amazon which sells it to you, its MMUK. I would expect the postage costs to be high. I never like buying from marketplace.

    Picked up a 2gb branded SD quite cheap and been using it for a few months with no problems

    Kingston 1GB sd card is £6.99 delivered at ]
    Almost forgot to mention, get 5% cashback via quidco


    KIngston 1gb SD card ]click £7.09 delivered

    ]£6.89 delivered no quidco tho so above post better.

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone for the help

    I got a 2GB Bytestor one from Amazon a month or so ago (actually got 2 through in the package, so I got one free, thank you lazy amazon pickers :-) ), it does it's job in our digital camera fine, so I guess the 1GB ones should be ok for the casual photographer too.

    Ebuyer have 1GB SD cards from £4.50 onwards. Worth considering if buying anything else.

    Are any of these any good for a PSP?
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