1gb USB pen drive stick for under £5

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for 28 x 1gb memory sticks for £5 or less each. I thought this would be an easy thing to find, however it is proving quite tricky!

    any help much appreciated! I know i've seen them on here before for about £3 each, but all the deals have ended.



    Here ]http//ww…b=0 from Play : £4.99 free delivery.

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    Thanks for the help guys - I looked at beekeepers link before, but was concerned because it's playtrade and I couldn't see how many of the item he had in stock.

    All of the suggestions from 7dayshop are stock: On order - and I need them within the next week or so.

    I think I'll take a gamble on this play one: ]http//ww…nre and hope they can deliver 28! I know play are awful with time frames so I'm a bit wary (tried ordering an acer timeline tablet from them recently)…801

    these ones are £11.18 for 2
    code : SPRING15
    gives 15% off
    = £141.40
    or £5.05 a piece


    it states tell a frind and you both ger 25% off…801

    if you have 2 emails use them to refer yourself,
    you will "both" receive 25% off

    x 2 = £11.88
    x14 = £166.32
    - 25% (£41.58)
    = £124.74
    = £4.455 a piece

    or go with play which is maybe the easier option, lol

    forgot to say i put 28 of these in my basket and it seemed to add them without problem,
    wether they will actually have them is another thing, as with anywhere,
    good luck

    JonnyTwoToes;8252404 also available if needed

    That wont let me do any less than 500!!
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