1GB XD Card required

    Thanks to Emma, I now have a Fuji S5600 on the way. :thumbsup:

    Now I need a 1GB card to use with it.

    Want to avoid eBay due to the dangers of gtting a fake.

    Cheapest I've seen so far is££28.70 incl. delivery from ]http//ww…440

    Anyone know of any better deals ?

    Cheers in advance.


    I had a bit of trouble recently with the type of card: there is M type and H type and original... Sorry if I'm confusing anyone, but I bought the wrong one for my camera recently.

    Just saying this as you should maybe check which type it is before you buy bob.

    Original Poster

    This one is classed as M/H, think the camera requires M type. So hopefully it should work.

    Thanks to both of you.

    GOod stuff. GOod luck with it. Let us know in the "hot deals" thread when you get the camera, we would love some feedback on how it is.

    What is Standard type xD?
    The xD Picture Card is an ultra-compact memory media that has been developed jointly by Fuji and Olympus and was introduced in 2002. The name 'xD Picture Card' was derived from "eXtreme Digital" and was chosen to reflect the excellence with which the format would be able to record, store and transport audio-visual information. The standard xD picture card writes at 3.0mb/s and reads at 5.0mb/s.

    What is type M?
    The Type M xD was released in late 2005 and uses Multi Level Cell (MLC) architecture to achieve higher storage capacities. The Type M xD card suffers some compatibility issues with older cameras (especially video recording). The Olympus card has marginally slower read/write speeds than the their standard card & writes at 2.5mb/s and reads at 4.0mb/s. Fuji Type M xD cards have identical operating specifications to the standard Fuji card.

    What is type H?
    Olympus Type H xD picture card can attain write speeds of up to 2-3 times faster than the standard or Type M xD Picture Card. Speed is dependent on camera's on board controller & shooting modes. Fuji Type H xD cards use different methods of digital encoding but have identical operating specifications to the standard Fuji xD card.

    Hope this helps :wink:

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    erm.. clear as mud.

    So H is better than M for speed.

    But what about M/H ?

    Means the gadget accepts both, I think :roll:

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    Not on the camera, the amazon card is an M/H version.

    So is it faster and bigger !

    Woohoo !! Cant be bad.

    Let us know which one you recieve

    There's a very useful listing on the Fuji website that enables you to check your camera model compatability. Any Fuji xD card over 512mb is M/H or one of them as the plain ol' xD cards are being phased out and don't get bigger than 512mb. There are only a couple of models that you really need to worry -i.e. mine which is the Fuji s7000 and even then, its only recommended not to get the M/H becasue of potential problems with movie recording.


    Best place I've found is although in this instance Amazon is slightly cheaper, but it was the other way round when I last bought one. However, worth picking up if you do order anything from 7dayshop in the future is their Hama Digital Cleaning Set for Cameras & Cards - xD version reduced from £9.99 to £1.19 as clearance…642

    Even with their postage charge, this is worth it!
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