Posted 8th Mar 2022
Looking to switch providers. Been with EE for about 30 years. Still got my original number (obviously updated). However £10 per month is too much for a service I cannot justify. I'll never get through my unlimited mins & texts, and rarely use in excess of 3gb of my 10gb allowance.
O2 can offer everything I currently have, but for £6, with the extra Virgin boost and tasteless Greggs sausage rolls, but I am not sure that I need the extra speed just for the TV, so I am thinking of 1p Mobile. I know they run on the EE network, so my coverage should still be as good, but I would like to know what are they like as a company?
Where is the Customer Service? Is just a bunch of script monkeys? Do you ever get overcharged? Are they any good at sorting issues? Do they honour their referral scheme?
And all the usual questions
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