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1pMobile Network - Opinions Please?

Posted 5th Jan 2023
Just wondering if anyone has any opinions or experience of the 1pMobile network? My elderly mum has finally realised that topping up her ancient one2one PAYG Sim costs her a fortune. So I have had a look at a few Sim only deals, she doesn't need txt or data as she doesn't have a smart phone (or broadband) so thought about the £36 a year deal from 1pMobile, which use the EE network (which her current network is).

Any opinions or experiences, much appreciated. Thanks!
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    I have it for calls and texts and it's good.
    Many thanks
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    Thanks, she's not much of a talker but just wants not having to worry about running out of minutes.
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    Apparently that 100mb plus unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for lifetime with SKY seems to be back hotukdeals.com/dea…e=2 (edited)
    Not aware of any unlim mins/txts+100MB RWG lifetime deal.
    The RWG one-off £5 recurring 250MB deal is usually limited to 50mins/txts, and currently stated as
    This product is currently unavailable
    at rwgmobile.wales/web…ta/

    Even the RWG one-off £15 deal is limited to 100mins/txt/month recurring, currently active and marketed at rwgmobile.wales/web…ta/
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    I use it, it's spot on.
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    I’ve been using it for a year and no complaints from me, EE is one network with decent coverage and speeds in my area after trying 3 and O2, 1P gives me the EE service without the costs, definitely try it, there’s no commitment needed, so you can always change to someone else. xoxo
    That's great, thank you. I'm on O2 and I get poor reception in her house, which is why I thought best to stay with the EE network for her.
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    My elderly mum has this. She had no problems with it at all. Been with them over 6 months. Would recommend
    Thank you, that great to know.
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    I didn’t know of this £36 a year deal..

    been using the £10 every 4 months, for a few years though, and it’s all good
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    I've just got a 1p mobile SIM this week to try them out and so far so good. Mobile internet/data speeds on any Three/o2/vodafone based networks is terrible where I use it (1-6Mbps if I'm lucky) but getting 60-150Mbps on 1p mobile (EE), and good quality loud voice calls so no issues there.

    If I could ask a question too please - anyone else who ordered a 1p mobile SIM with one of their monthly recurring bundle plans... do you know if they still insist on taking the mandatory top-up every 120 days or so? My account says auto top-ups are disabled, while auto renew boost/bundle is active and enabled to take a tenner a month, but there's a mention on my dashboard of my next top up being due in a few months? Is this right or does the recurring monthly bundle payment count? TYIA
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