1st 6 digits of virgin credit card

Found 13th Oct 2007
1st 6 digits of virgin credit card.

Would anybody be willing to give the first 6 digits of their virgin credit card thats the access code to 10% off virgin train fares. thanks.
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try and guess if you have no luck
The 1st 4 digits will be standard on all virgin credit cards, so the only personal bit will be the 5th and 6th digits no?
It is the first 6 digits that identify any credit card to a particular comapany and banking associated to it. Any body have a card.
^^^If you know this, surely you would know the 1st 6 digits of a Virgin card?
First 4 digits are 5407
thanks edi
[SIZE=2]do you or any body else have the 5th and 6th number of the virgin credit card. I would have thought this a reasonable request, as with any credit card they are 16 digits long. may be I should just apply for virgin credit card but i really dont wont another card. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Last time I am writing on this surely some one has the courage to post characters 5 and six reading from left to right on the card. If your the poster of the details Thanks,[/SIZE]


Thanks & welcome to HUKD crocket
wowowow.... arent some people scared to death??!!! yes,,, the 1st few digits are generic for each card company

well done crocket...was just going to post em
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