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    im having a first birthday party for my daughter at a local soft play centre but am stuck as to what to put in the party bags! Guests include 1 x six month old baby boy...1 x one yr old boy ..3 x one yr old girls.. 1 x two yr old girl.. 1 x two yr old boy.. 1 x three yr old boy.. 2 x three yr old girl ..1 x four yr old girl. so if anyone has any ideas for any of the age groups as to what to put in their party bags i would be so grateful..thanks



    why not give all the kids balloons, x

    My twins turned one today... In our party bags we had a patterned balloon, some bubbles, small chocolate/baby biscuit, soft ball for the boys and mini slinky for the girls, and a gingerbread star shaped christmas decoration that the boys helped me decorate.
    Enjoy the party!

    What about some hairbands & clips for the older girls? You can also get a matchbox car for the boys.

    I think cake in a napkin is enough, why do you give presents to your guests for coming to you child's birthday?


    what about one of those really small hard books, come in sets of 4 for around £2, I just bought the Charlie & Lola ones from a deal on here

    We went to matalan and got character bowls/plates/cups etc for little ones - cheap, practical but kids like them because they have characters on

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    thanks just ordered peppa pig and dora little library come to £5.50 ish (cant remember exact) got 10% off plus free delivery and 4% quidco at waterstones!! brilliant ideas though keep them coming!!

    little teething ring and some teething gel

    In my daughters party boxes (these were for children ranging from 1 - 12 years old) we had a small activity book / crayons / sultana's / crisp / individual biscuits / balloon / bubbles / small teddy / stickers - she had just turned one and although many of the items were not relevant to all ages, the children were able to pick and chose. I was lucky, as some of the items I got were from her dad who services gaming machines and get all the stuff that goes in them.
    Good luck and I am sure you will have loads of fun.
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