1st camera for daughter interested in photography

    My father gave my daughter his old 35mm SLR camera and now she is hooked.
    Can anybody recommend a good starter camera that she can add lenses to etc etc.
    £300 mark is ok or maybe a cheap starter to learn the ropes, i'm in the dark on Camera's
    Thanks Guys


    What make was the 35mm ?

    You'll be looking at either the Nikon D3200 or the Canon 1200D for that price bracket. Personally I prefer Canon cameras and the lenses tend to be a bit cheaper and more readily available to buy. I dont think I ended up buying a lens when I had the Nikon D3100 before. Generally I've been more impressed with the quality of photos with Canon as well, at one point I had an older Canon camera with slightly less spec than the Nikon D3100 I had but, the photos I took to test the cameras out, were slightly better on the Canon.
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    You might look at something like the canon 1100D

    Another for Canon 1100d. I picked up a refurb for around £150 not so long ago.

    I'd go for a Nikon D3200 or a Canon EOS 1200D.

    They're both excellent cameras, the Nikon is arguably slightly better, and has a stabilized lens which is definitely worth paying extra for, but it's just a choice between which you prefer to handle.
    Take her to Currys and have a mess about with both cameras, see which she prefers.

    For what it's worth I'd recommend the Nikon.
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    For the price of £299 (after £20 cashback) you get the Camera plus 2 lens, i purchased this about 4 months ago and it is superb.

    Cameras aren't the sort of thing (generally speaking) that get chucked about or mishandled, so for that reason you could consider going along the second hand route as you may get a whole load of kit for a lot less cash. Worth maybe contacting a local photographic group for some good advice and/or access to some second-hand bargains? Plus it may well afford her an entry into the group itself, which could net her a load of really good experience/tips.

    Samsung nx3000 or nx300

    sony alpha - you get more for your money - decent amount of lenses and bodies on ebay too
    check out for lots of info

    ^^^^^ Agree with J9 although I am a Nikon man, the Sony will offer far more creative controls in the camera, if your considering second hand check out MPB for some good deals,

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