1st Caption Competition!! [31/05/2005]

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Found 31st May 2005
Just for fun, think of a caption for this...



1) Try to keep it clan, anti-racist, etc.
2) There are no prizes, no winners. It's just for fun. Think of your caption, and post it. If you like someone's caption, feel free to tell them that you like it by posting here.
3) The caption competitions will be posted randomly. (i.e. not every day, week, etc.)
4) There is nothing stopping you going back to an old caption competition and adding your caption.
5) Have fun!!

P.S. If you have a picture you'd like me to use then send me the link via a PM.

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Original Poster

By the way - mine would be:

"I'm sure I saw some scratches on the bumper."

owww! My ears stuck to the car which is stuck to the aeroplane!!!

Just checking if the cars okay

"Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do? what you gonna do when they land on you"?

rayman i love yours!!

Original Poster

LOL. I presume it's a song?? (I'll probably know it when I know what it is.)

Very funny everyone, keep them coming. Will post another later.

It's from the films bad boys duckmagic2

Original Poster

I'm useless. He he. I've not seen it. [Going to Blockbuster today]

yeah u have 2 watch it there's bad boys 1 or 2 they're both really funny!!

Original Poster

*For those users in America my caption was incorrect. Replace the word "bumper" with "fender".


"I swear i saw a plane here earlier"
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