1st Car withcheap insurance


    Im after a small car - was thinkin saxo, corsa, punto etc.

    It must have cheap insurance as in total i have £1300 to spend on both

    was hoping to get car for £800 and then put £500 towards insurance

    Any ideas where i can get a cheap car



    How old are you?

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    im 18

    no chance of that mate..........

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    im going to do pass plus and ive heard if i have like a curfew on my car tht will lower it?

    Sorry, but i doubt you'll have any chance of getting them both for £1300, unless you spent less on the car as im guessing insurance will be around £1000 maybe less, dont hold me to it but im only £20 and was a bitch to get insurance and has only started going down.
    If its your first car, just get a little run-around, wone need nothing special then save up more for a second car.

    Try all the comparison sites, and good luck

    Go see an insurance broker & explain to him/her what you've said here about your budget/car wishes. You will be lucky indeed to get insurance for £500, but at least he/she will tell you what sort of car will be the cheapest for you to insure, and also give you an idea of how much the insurance will be.

    Pass plus isnt all that good really, some companies wont have an option so i just didnt do it.

    Have a look on quidco when getting car insurance. You can at least get £100 cashback which may help.

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    I didnt mean insurance for £500 just £500 towards insurance but i dnt want it too high.

    Where would i find an insurance broker?

    Also forgot to mention, will probablys go on dads insurance and me as main driver.
    Thanks for the help...

    Look up insurance brokers in the phone book, or go into any insurance office and ask for advice.
    you could just pay your insurance monthly. Good luck

    Coversure ( a nationwide broker) are good - talk to them see who they say is cheapest, then cut out the middleman to find it £20 less (as that's their brokerage fee). Saves you doing all the hard work, and you might even get a free coffee.

    I have a little polo for sale for £900 just passed MOT good reliable little car green new shape no obvious marks etc where do you live - my daughter learned to drive in it but it does not have power steering, her indurance on it as a learner was about £750 through Swinton

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    Im from durham

    Im thinking of getting my first car tomorrow

    Im thinking of getting a 106 1.4
    Adrian flux have quoted me £1098

    3rd part only and corsa in insurance band 2.
    You could probably tag onto your parent's policy for a bit until older

    I've heard that some places, if you go on your parents insurance as a 2nd driver and you have a bang, you and your parent loose the no claims

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    Found a punto - dad as main driver - 3rd party £500

    hi i have an r reg fiesta mk4 1.3 for sale. needs a few things doin, only minor stuuf like new exhaust. got mot due at end of month but my dads just bought me a new car so im sellin it. looking for around £800 for it.
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