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Found 10th Oct 2016
I'm car insurance is up for renewal and these come back at the cheapest. Does anyone use this company or would recommend?
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I have used this guys last year. The renewable just got in, it is about 170 more than expensive. So I have candled the auto renewal.
I would say they are good no problem, easy to change car detail if you change your car.
yeah used them a couple of years. no dramas
I used them last year as they were the cheapest. I had no problems with them but then I never had to make a claim, their renewal price was a good £100+ more expensive so I cancelled and switched to Hastings.
I'm with them and they have been pretty good so far. Free key cover as well which I had to use and I would say it's a good service, I didn't have any issues.
I am with them. You also get discounts on certain things via 1st rewards.Never went too much into it but it might come in handy.
Got them now - plus 60 odd quid topcashback too when I signed up
Damn I just sorted that out and never thought about cashback
One more thing. Always pay the amount in full as 1st Central monthly payments bump the total cost up by alot. Better and cheaper to stick it on the credit card than to get finance from them.

Got them now - plus 60 odd quid topcashback too when I signed up

​Did you get the cash back?
they are good, but it's like everything, you like it you don't leave feedback, you hate it then you leave bad feedback
They were the cheapest for me when I insured my first car, which was second hand, when I bought a new one of similar insurance cost they wanted £200 more and Admiral were going to be £200 less to CANCEL no go with them, but I had no problems with 1st central.
Used it for a couple of years - no problems. Key cover came in handy when my husbands key stopped working as would have cost over £300 for new one (he drives a Porsche!)
Chances are they are probably underwritten by one of the bigger insurance companies
I use them now. We are currently going through a claim because we damaged our own car. Pretty simple process, booked in for estimate and then a few days later was accepted and car back in for repairs. £15 ammendment fee if done on website or £30 if done over the phone. Thats my only complaint.
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