1st Holiday abroad, flight prices really that expensive?

Found 20th Jun 2014
Looking to book my first ever holiday, I've decided Las Vegas not for any particular reason, found a hotel for 250~ for 5 days although return flights for 2 adults is around 1600-2000, are flights really this expensive, the most I've paid is £80 to Ireland.
Although never been anywhere else I'm open to suggestions for other places to visit (bringing the missus away for her birthday if that would sway suggestions),




Tbh for your first abroad holiday.. I would avoid vegas. Not a great deal to do unless you have a fair bit of money to spend.

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tbh i was just planning on drinking and gambling haha

Were you looking for flights during the school holidays perchance?

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yh early to mid august really

If in school holidays city breaks are a good option as families go to coasts and flights are reasonably priced too.

if no kids wait until September flights a lot cheaper and still hot in vegas try flights to mainland U.S. from England then internal flights to Vegas usually works out a lot cheaper then direct,ie London-Sanford £299 each return,Orlando to Vegas £249 each return,obviously depemds on days going and returning,have you thought about New York fab city,cheap hotels and cheap flights out of school holidays times and lots to do Have a great time

Take a look at the stay bridge suites. It is right next to The airport. We have just stayed there this March and they are superb for the money. Full suite with full kitchen just in case you get fed up eating out. Also courtesy bus to take you into town. We thought is was going to be tacky but found it fabulous. Enjoy.


I had the same revelation when I looked at wedding prices..

I must admit it made me sweat a little counting all the zeroes.

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Thanks for the suggestions ill have a look through them all.

vegas is a lot further than ireland, lot more fuel. 800-1000 each seems reasonable.
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