1st job Interview in 15 years...I'm bricking it

    Well its nearly time to leave. I have my 1st job interview in 15 years.....and its fair to say....I'm bricking it!
    I'm suited & booted and ready to roll.

    Wish me luck


    Good luck:thumbsup:

    What do you mean by 'bricking it' lol, good luck


    What do you mean by 'bricking it' lol, good luck

    If you need to ask, you won't want the answer.

    good luck

    [SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Good Luck.[/COLOR][/SIZE]:thumbsup:


    Good luck mate!

    Knock 'em dead razorcuts :thumbsup:

    good luck, be confident, make eye contact,

    Boing boing.

    Good Luck! Im sure you'll blow them away

    good luck with it, be confident, take your time and tell them exactly what they want to hear!! get the foot in the door and change the world once you are in there

    Good luck, just be yourself.

    I returned to work after 16 years at home with our children and it was daunting the thought of an interview but to honest - that's was exactly it, the thought of it was worse than the actual interview itself !

    You will be fine, let us know how it goes.

    [COLOR=magenta]Good luck [/COLOR]

    Good luck I know what its like it was the same for me a few years ago
    remember to make sure you tell them all your good points and listen carefuly to any qusetions they ask and dont make the answers to long just tell them what the need to know they will ask if they need you to explain more :thumbsup:p.s whats the job


    All the best razorcuts :thumbsup:

    Aww, good luck hunni, sure u won't need it though :thumbsup:

    Good Luck - hope it all goes well :thumbsup:


    Good luck


    Good Luck :thumbsup:

    Good luck!

    Well hope you got it, well if not then don't worry as the weather will be rubbish all week so stay in bed!

    15 years since your last interview? omg you must be ancient :lol:

    Nah seriously......good luck mate

    Good luck mate, I had an interview this morning - got the job (despite me sucking at it :oops:)

    Hope you do too.



    Good luck mate, I had an interview this morning - got the job (despite me … Good luck mate, I had an interview this morning - got the job (despite me sucking at it :oops:)Hope you do too.

    Congratulations :thumbsup:

    Probably best not to mention that the reason its your first interview for 15 years is the fact that you used to make a fortune working in the stock market and over the past 6 months have single handedly managed to collapse the ecconomy and push the interviewer into negative equity on their mortgage.

    PS. Dont take a brick into the interview, unless your going for a job on a building site, even then, probably best not to go in "tooled up"
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