1st wedding anniversary

    Is it paper or cotton?

    Thought it was paper, being told its cotton.


    its paper...why didnt you just use google?

    its paper ( almost sure )

    cotton is 2nd btw

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    its paper...why didnt you just use google?

    i did.... thats whats telling me it cotton first.

    well if you type in "cotton anniversary" it comes up first link 2nd anniversary

    "1st anniversary" third link is paper

    here's a list…tml

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    My search was based on "wedding anniversary" first link was wikipedia and thats where I looked.

    Paper it is then..!


    Which list is correct?

    I would have thought paper. But.....
    What do you believe on the interweb.
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    My 4th anniv on thursday ...

    it's my 2 year anniversary today :-)


    it's my 2 year anniversary today :-)

    Congrats !xx, My mum and dad have been married 41 years today (_;)

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    Congrats to all that got married today!!!

    Who's cares which one it is be glad you remembered. lol
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