1TB External HardDrive

    I'm looking for a 1TB external harddrive which I can also plug into my wireless router/network. Would I need to get an ethernet version? Or could I just get a simple USB ext. HD and connect it to the router via USB (as I do have a special cable for it).


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    no you cant plug it into the usb thats for internet connection if you dont have ethernet !

    why cant you just share the drive through a pc/laptop on your network ? i got 1 TB from pcworld for 80 odd quid !

    you really need a NAS device ! a quick google i found this one , but id shop around for prices !


    Hi, Did you know there a Netgear Router that has a USB, which you can plug in any storage device (NAS specific or not), even your keyfob USB and share it via your router

    There is a really good deal on her for the Western Digital 1TB drive for under £60 at PC World.
    I would use one of those and share it on your network from your pc equipped with an USB port rather than buying the more expensive "NAS" type of drive which has a network socket fitted.

    You choices are:-
    1) USB Model to connect to your PC and share on the network
    2) A more expensive networkable hard drive which could plug into your hub/router etc
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