1TB External USB HDD

    Hi all,

    Where is the best place to get one of these from ?

    I need it to store my movies on & also to plug into my Xbox to play them back, computer is getting too full............

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    I got mine for my laptop from comet after seeing the deal on HUKD.


    It's really nice, quiet and was only £63.61 :thumbsup:

    Tesco do the iomega prestige 1 tb model for 68.50 after vat discount.

    As above ^
    Need to get posting faster lol

    Comet currently have the 1TB western digital home HD for just under £64.

    Collect at store only, but I have seen them in stores around Newcastle…000

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    Thanks guys, reserved one at Comet to go & collect

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    Is there anyway of making the Xbox "see" this as a portable USB device ?

    Will save me copying everything to the HDD, then onto a USB pen when I want to watch it.


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    Works like a dream

    The WD re-formatted it as FAT32, but failed to verify it, so I formatted it using the ExtFat32 application. That too didn't finish (cancelled it after 15 mins) - but put a film on it, connected to 360 & it's picked it up & film plays back great
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