No definatley not, they are supposed to keep one in stock incase someone is looking for one to reserve to pick up the next day, or if it is picked up by argos as a misprice they are supposed to leave it there for everyone to buy at their leisure, naughty, naughty argos :giggle:

    Yes they can in short.

    i'll have a look to see if i can find it for you

    pink version -…htm

    It's in the clearance section so i would assume the black version you posted a picture of was also clearance and has sold hence it no being on the website anymore

    Edit: It is there, i check the price for £30 as you stated and only the pink came up - the black one is £29.99 and so i didn't see it in the same price band the pink one was in

    black one -…htm

    Edit2: as it's clearance and not available to buy online, you'll be quite lucky to find it in stock in astore near you.

    in stock at my local argos. but this is not a drag and drop mp3 is it?
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