I really really dont like this site. Something tells me all is not right....

    I dont like the look of it.. doesnt look very secure, pages are made in html.. not php, their javascript is terrible in their faqs section, only opens the first faq.
    It's made in iframes not extendable tables which are very old.
    And upon adding an item to the basket and clicking register there is no padlock mark.
    Steer clear if you havent used them before.
    If you have and they've delivered then fine.
    But i recommend ringing your bank because it looks a little dodgy.

    EDIT: they only accept paypal, after making a test account, so i'd contact paypal because even though you're covered. They may not be verified.

    Empty Forum - FAQ's not working properly, T's and C's hardly there.

    One of the better people at this but me able to shed more light on this.

    Indeed Becks, I'd steer clear of this site, it says no go zone to me.
    What are you looking for a 1GB SD card?

    Im sure our helpful forumers would be honoured to find you a cheap deal that accepts paypal.

    I would be extremely cautious to purchase from this site and would recommend avoiding it. There's broken links all over, they have all of three products, FAQs don't have answers, there's no contact form, contact email, contact telephone number or postal address.

    Doing a whois report now.

    Whois report :

    Domain Name: R4DS-UK.COM
    Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS509.HOSTGATOR.COM
    Name Server: NS510.HOSTGATOR.COM
    Status: ok
    Updated Date: 26-apr-2007
    Creation Date: 26-apr-2007
    Expiration Date: 26-apr-2008

    Created 3 months ago

    Also is not showing any Registered company number any VAT number.

    Any details of anything which is against the law for a business.

    I recommend recalling your payment.

    edit: mo_j90 - maybe its the owner of the site, phishing details?

    Original Poster

    how would i recall my payment?

    i read on another forum som1 purchased it and was delivered the next day … i read on another forum som1 purchased it and was delivered the next day so i thought id try it out and i purchased it today and hopefully its legit.

    Looking in google there is only one mention for at another forum and the user posting about it there had only 3 posts - 2 of which were about

    Make your own decision but all my red flags are up.

    As far as i can remember asi dont have paypal anymore

    Click on the transaction and i think its near the bottom make a request for a reverse payment give reasons.

    Same as Admin, my red flags are up too.

    Original Poster

    i really shouldve thought about it before i bought it does any1 know how to cancel it from papypal or any advice to cancel it??

    Original Poster

    i cant find the reverse payment thing buy theres one where you can report a problem but thats only if they dont deliver or if they deliver the wrong product could any help me out or should i wait a day or two to see if its legit??

    I'd get your payment back ASAP because if theyre not verified, you're not covered. If they don't have a card attached to their account and its just a laundering account and they transfer the money, their laundering account will just get banned and you will never see your money again.

    Maybe admin can help with the reversal of payment.

    Original Poster

    could any1 help me get my money back????????? im lookin thru the site to get my money back but if any1 knows how to i will appreciate it if they cud help me out


    I don't think you can now.

    Original Poster

    so ive just lost £30 :(:@ im gona keep looking on how to cancel it but if any1 knows plz tell me

    Original Poster

    should i sign up to their forum and ask the admin or isit a lost cause


    Just wait and see, it could have been a lot worse.

    At least by paying with paypal no credit or debit card details have been past on.

    You could try signing up to the forum, sure it wouldn't hurt.

    JD im sure you can put a hold on a transaction, and get your money back

    Original Poster

    ive signed up to the forum emailed the admin but an automatic response is sent to me saying the email you sent has failed, ive tried sending it a few times but it doesnt work. i dont think you can hold a transaction but if you can cud any1 tell me how to


    If you have a premier account call paypal and ask if there is anything to do.

    They are not the most helpful people in the world though, you will need to give your registered phone number and the last 4 digits of your credit card or bank account registered with paypal.

    They will probably just tell you that you have to wait x amount of days and then file a claim.

    Unfortunately if you could just cancel payments willy-nilly then paypal wouldn't be very beneficial to sellers.

    08707 307 191

    But try - 020 86053000 first, follow the options for paypal and hold for AGES, you'll eventually get through to someone. I think it is option 1.


    By clicking on the help link on paypals website the first article is "Can I cancel a payment that I've already sent?"

    The answer :

    You can only cancel unclaimed payments. If your payment is complete, please contact the recipient of the payment to request a refund.

    Unclaimed payments can be cancelled for the following reasons:

    1. A payment sent to an email address is not associated with a PayPal account. Once the email address is added to a PayPal account, the payment is automatically credited to the balance of that account.

    2. A payment is sent to a recipient with an unconfirmed email address. For security reasons, PayPal can only credit payments sent to a confirmed email address.

    Original Poster

    do u reckon i should wait a few days just to see if its legit or not?

    Original Poster

    ive tried contacting the seller but it doesnt work whenever i send an email it says email not sent(failed)



    do u reckon i should wait a few days just to see if its legit or not?

    It may be the only option.

    Thats whati meant, file a claim..

    mo_j90 with that response, im beginning to think the site is 100% no go.

    Original Poster

    ive signed up to the forum tryed to send a message to the admin but it goes he doesnt have an account so i cant contact him :@:@

    What is it with the image taken from the 'gaykenya' website? Very odd :giggle:

    Original Poster

    what image the get noticed advertisement one

    Original Poster

    thers a page where you contact them ive asked them a question and it says they will reply back to us within 24 hours so i guess i have to wait and see.

    The only place you should trust, would be the official resellers.

    You can find a list of them at…htm - are not in this list, therefore I suspect you've been scammed - like others have said, definitely try to get your money back through PayPal ASAP.

    Original Poster

    im trying to get my money back but i dont know how to

    Original Poster

    theres a resoulution page but you can only make a clame after a week:@:@:@ i was looking forward to gettin the R4 DS :@:@ im so :@ now


    theres a resoulution page but you can only make a clame after a … theres a resoulution page but you can only make a clame after a week:@:@:@ i was looking forward to gettin the R4 DS :@:@ im so :@ now

    I really wouldn't hold out any hope if the resoulution page is on that site.


    They must be talking about paypals resolution centre.

    Original Poster


    They must be talking about paypals resolution centre.

    ye i am,

    is there a way of contacting my bank and telling them to cancel it or...
    my bank is hsbc

    Their faq on how long postage will take also doesnt work...

    (direct link removed to keep people happy!)

    The website is full of errors.



    ye i am,is there a way of contacting my bank and telling them to cancel … ye i am,is there a way of contacting my bank and telling them to cancel it bank is hsbc

    Right, was the payment funded by your bank account?

    If so, you could contact your bank and ask them to not send the money through. Make sue you don't go overdrawn. Ask for the persons name and explain everything. If you do receive a package from the company don't sign for it and refuse delivery if you go for this method. The money is not automatically taken out of your bank you see. Have you got a credit card on the account too?

    If you have a credit card on your account the money would then be taken from that, but you could request that no money is taken from your credit card as well. Again, make sure you explain everything and take the persons full name.

    Original Poster

    ye ive gt a credit card on the account should i phone hsbc and tell them not to send the money
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