2 botles Diet Coke 2L with free glass

I've read on this sie that Morrisons are giving a free glass with 2 X 2L Coke/Diet Coke and i know that Sainsbury's are doing it too but it's £2.70 for the coke. Anyonw know if tesco or anywhere else doing a better deal with the glass?





our tesco were doing these the other day. Doesnt look a very good glass to be honest, but it's free I suppose.

Saw the ads on the tv so it must be everywhere.

can confirm its everywhere , and unfortunately , they arent silly when they are giving a free glass, no offers for the price all around £2.70 for 2 bottles,

u can but the glass @ sainsburys for 99p

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Thanks guys Looks like £2.70 with the glass from Sainsbury's is the best bet for me.

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I take it you don't have a Tesco near you then?

Yes i do. I live a 5 minute walk from a Tesco Extra store but i thought they were full price there ie £1.56/bottle and no reduction when buying 2:


Am i mistaken?

Also Jumpingphil, i notice you've got House's Hugh Laurie as your avatar. I'm looking for a decent series to start watching and lots of people seem to enjoy House. Would you recommend watching it from the first series onwards?
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