2 broken flash drives i/o device error?

    Ok, I stuck an old flash drive I have in my laptop yesterday and it came up with an error, usb device not working blah blah, was trying to save some school work for darling daughter, so pulled it out and stuck in an old mp3 player that we use as a memory stick, the same error came up and now neither drives will work, when I try it says I/O device error... Can't access either drive, nor format or anything.

    Are they knacked?

    Have googled it but can't seem to find out.


    chuck them in the bin

    Does anything work in that usb port ?

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    Does anything work in that usb port ?

    Not sure to be honest, haven't tried it since, but I've tried both sticks on my pc and neither will work.

    The Philips mp3 player I use has really important college stuff on......... thank god I backed it up last week when I got my new cruzer! lol

    So does your new Cruzer work in all your USB ports on both the laptop and the PC that your other two don't work on?

    I once had a similar problem with USB things not being recognised and the solution was to push the USB device fully into the port and then pull it out a millimetre or two until you get a notification that it has been recognised. Although in this case it might just be that they're both broken.

    Also just thought, have you checked that the contacts on both devices are clean so they make proper contact with the USB port?

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    both drives were working fine the day before, on my pc that is, hadn't used them on the laptop. to be honest I don't dare plug my new flash drive into the laptop in case it goes the same way... lol
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