2 cases of red and white wine, 5 vodka,2 baileys,2 whiskey,2 brandy? To collect?

    Ok-this isnt for me -hic-but I am doing someones shopping for them.
    I have a morrisons,a Sainsburys, an asda,a Thresher within reach.
    Anyone know the best prices-I believe they are changing rapidly.Want to pay no more than £4 ish for the wine. Taken a look at Fixtureferrets,but still none the wiser.
    Is for gifts,so spirit has to be branded.


    Try Sainsburys wine store online we got 6 bottles of Pinot Grigot for £17.64 and it's lovely. Or Asda have the 3 for £10 offer on their wines some of the bottles are £8 each normally so bargain, also most of their branded spirits are on 2 for £16:santa:

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    Thanks-but its needed for tommorow so have to collect.Will try asda
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