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£2 credit towards an app or game over £2, at Google Play Store

Posted 11th Nov
£2 credit towards an app or game over £2, at Google Play Store.

There is ofcourse no direct link to this one, as it's obviously via each individual's Google Play Store notifications/offerings, etc etc etc?.

Either way, I've provided a Google Play Store generic page link, via which you can log into (and peruse the offerings a per within), your own Play Store, nonetheless ...

So, that's the technical bits and bobs out the way. :-)

Anyways, there appears to be a couple of Week's still good to go on my one - Happy Day's, lol.

Just as well, as I didn't find anything to buy the last time I saw this with only Day's to go on it, so needless say, that one was wasted (which may/may not explain the reason pertaining to why they've chosen to give it to me again? - who knows?).

Either way (if possible that is?), don't fall foul of the same mistake either way. :-D


Deal link again:

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Account specific, obviously...
DingIs11/11/2019 13:57

Account specific, obviously...

Point taken ...

But if you refer back up to my black emboldened word's in my 'Deal Description', I did advice everybody to log in, and check their own offerings within, right?.

Many a time certain 'stuffs' similar to the above come's up.

1 Year's free Apple TV+ access to Apple customer's (but here's the 'clause' though, ONLY new customers are eligible - so old skool customers like myself + undoubtedly many others besides, are clearly not), that too could be arguably classed as account specific too.

Eg 2.
Buy a 4TB portable HDD for £50 + free P&P, but ONLY for Amazon Prime customer's, bit everyone else not on Prime, will rather be charged £90 for the exact same item + a £5-£7 P&P instead, and ...

Isn't that also account specific as well?. :-D

There's literally pro's and con's with any/every Deal and Freebie on here (no exceptions - unfortunately), do what works for you, etc, ok?. :-)

That's the only advice I can give to anybody about now ...

Happy hunting everyone. :-)
Its not a deal though, which is why it's been moved to Discussions.
Not for me
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